This "FDA Grade" silicone sheeting is common in applications where food is present. This material is low volatile, peroxide free and does not discolor over time. The ingredients used to make this product are listed in CFR 177.2600. This FDA regulation deals with rubber articles intended for repeated use in contact with food. This material is ozone and UV resistant, and is an excellent gasketing material. The most common color is white, but available in some other colors. This material is available in many thicknesses and widths. See attached FDA grade price list for standard pricing and product offerings.

The given values are typical properties and are provided for information only. They should not be used to set specification requirements. It is up to the end user to determine whether the material is suitable for the intended application.
Unit of Measure



N/A Silicone


N/A FDA Grade

Durometer, Shore "A"

N/A 30

Specific Gravity

N/A 1.12 g/cc

Tensile Strength

N/A 700 psi


N/A 500 %

Tear, PPI DIE "B"

N/A 80

Temperature Range

N/A -80 to 500 ºF

Lead Time

N/A Call or Email Customer Service



  • All FDA approved Ingredients
  • Extreme High & Low Temperature Resistant
  • UV / Ozone Resistant
  • Non- Toxic, Chemically Inert
  • Excellent Gasketing Material
  • Low Compression Set

Additonal Specifications


  • 21 CFR 177.2600
  • ASTM D2000

Testing Information

Physical Properties

Properties Test Method
Specific Gravity, g/cc ASTM D297
Durometer, Shore "A" ASTM D2240
Tensile Strength, psi ASTM D412
Elongation, % ASTM D412
Tear, PPI DIE "B" ASTM D624