These high temperature acrylic adhesives are designed for high performance in applications with elevated temperatures. Excellent adhesion, high temperature shear properties and solvent resistance are features of these adhesives. This adhesive is formulated with neutral pH and UV resistance making them ideal for photo mounting and graphic art applications. The liner is a 60# moisture stable liner and is ideal for kiss cut applications and precision component assembly.

Price Per Square Yard (Price to be added to silicone sheeting cost) :

1-10 Square Yards ($27.50/yard)
11+ Square Yards or more ($22.50/yard)

HTAPSA High Temperature Acrylic

Unit of Measure

Testing Information

Physical Properties

  • Surface Applications:- High temperature splicing and automotive interior applications. Bonding a variety of substrates where elevated temperatures are a critical consideration.
  • Construction:-
    Adhesive:- Transparent Acrylic 0.002 inch
    Liner:- Moisture Stable Polyethylene Coated Kraft Release 0.004 inch
  • Performance Properties:-
    180º Peel, 2 mil. P.E.T./ss: 20 min. bond 46 oz./inch
    350ºF Shear, 1" X 1" X 1,000 gr., 2mil. P.E.T./ss:20 min bond >24 hrs.
    Continuous Operating Temperature Extremes are: -40ºF to 350ºF (-40ºC to 177ºC) Intermittent Temperature Operation up to 450ºF (232ºC)
  • Bonding Information:-
    For maximum adhesion, bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and free from grease and oils. The firmer the application pressure and the greater the contact area, the stronger the bond. Bond strengths will increase as a function of time as the adhesive continues to wet out the bonding surfaces.


Lead Time

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